4 of the newest skyscrapers in London

Newest SkyscrapersLondon is one of the few ever growing cities in the world and this is why it is always the subject of new construction projects. Some of these construction projects are involved in the building of new skyscrapers in order to provide additional residential and commercial accommodations to the ever growing population of the city. So we decided to write down an article in which we will present to you the newest tall buildings in the English capital.

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St. George Wharf Tower is perhaps the most astonishing building that was built in recent years. The building was opened in 2013 and is also known as the Vauxhall Tower or The Tower and is a residential edifice. St. George Wharf Tower lies in the central London area of Vauxhall, in the Borough of Lambeth. The building is 181 meters tall and has a total of 50 floors. St. George Wharf Tower is presently the tallest solely residential building in the United Kingdom and is the 8th tallest building in the English capital. The building comprises of 223 flats and was designed by the famous architectural group of Broadway Malyan. St. George Wharf Tower is being maintained in proper working and sanitary condition by numerous professional companies.

Stratford Halo is another residential building that was completed and opened in 2013. The official name of the edifice is 150 High Street, Stratford. The building is 133 meters tall and has a total of 43 floors. The Stratford Halo is currently the 23rd tallest structure in London. In 2014 the prominent British national daily newspaper, The Guardian included the building into its list of the 10 worst London skyscrapers.

The Heron is also known as Milton Court and is the 39th tallest building in London. The construction of the edifice started in 2010 and ended in 2013. It was also in 2013 that the building was official opened. Just like the building from above, The Heron is a residential edifice and has a total of 284 apartments. The main features of the building are a 225 seat training theatre and 625 seat concert hall. The Heron was originally planned to be 140 meters tall with 44 floors but after criticism by numerous architectural experts the height of the building was reduced to 112 meters and 36 floors. Just like St. George Wharf Tower the building is maintained in properly condition by numerous companies that provide professional services including cleaning services.

25 Churchill Place is the latest addition to the London skyscrapers. The building was completed in 2014 and shares the 27th rank with the Euston Tower in terms of highest building in London. 25 Churchill Place is 130 meters tall and is comprised of 23 floors. 19 of the floors are offices which are identified as Grade A Office Spaces. Since 2014 the building has been housing the European Medicines Agency and from 2015 will house the headquarters of Ernst & Young. The building was designed by the noted architecture firm Kohn Pederson Fox, who also designed the aforementioned Heron.